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Usui Reiki level 1  to Master-Teacher level training workshops

Usui reiki level 1 is the first step to take on your reiki journey. During your Usui reiki level 1 (1st degree) workshop day you will learn everything you need to enable you to use reiki healing for yourself, your friends, family and pets. There are no pre-requisites for this workshop, other than an interest in learning about how to use reiki.


On your Reiki level 1 workshop you will learn about:


  • Definition and meaning of reiki?

  • The history of Usui reiki and the important figures who developed its use.

  • You will learn about reiki attunement process, and will receive the reiki level 1 attunement from your reiki master-teacher.

  • How to use reiki healing for yourself, friends, family and pets, and how you can use reiki in everyday life situations. Hand positions for treatment of self and others.

  • There will be plenty of time to practice what you are learning during the workshop, both on yourself and others in attendance at the workshop.

  • Reiki self-care, after-care and the 21 day cleansing process and contra-indications of using reiki.

Usui Reiki level 1 (1st degree) workshop:

learn reiki healing for yourself, friends, family & pets


Next group workshop dates:

22 April  10:30-16.30

Usui Reiki level 2 (2nd degree) is the practitioner level and brings with it a more powerful understanding and experience of reiki. You will be introduced and attuned to the reiki symbols.


Benefits of reiki 2

  • reiki 2 attunement opens up the potential in you to integrate the levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual within yourself.

  • it promotes your self development and growth – allowing you to connect more deeply to the universal life force energy

  • your reiki healing will become more powerful

  • you will be able to work towards setting up your own reiki practice

  • you will be able to work with distant healing

  • you will learn the reiki 2 symbols and be able to apply these to numerous situations in your life and work

  • you can work with the emotional and mental levels with yourself and others

  • you are further along in your reiki journey and a step closer to reiki master-teacher level

Reiki manual, certificate, lunch and refreshments included in all reiki workshops. Small group training groups to ensure full dedicated support and learning


€120 for level 1,


€200 for reiki level 2


€350 for Usui Master day workshops.


I look forward to sharing reiki with you soon, and being part of your reiki journey. Please get in touch for any more information and to book your reiki training workshop. Bespoke alternative dates, mobile service (at your own venue) and residential options also available for small groups and individuals at dates to suit you.

Usui Reiki level 2 (2nd degree): practitioner level


Next group workshop dates:

29 April  10:30-16.30

Master-Teacher Usui Reiki workshops

Available by appointment

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