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I have taken part in Peter's Sing From The Heart courses for many years now, and will be joining him at De Tout Coeur in the summer for another singing course. Peter is an amazing teacher who really focuses on the "heart" of a performance. He has taught me that performance is about giving yourself to an audience and letting go of anxiety and perfectionism. I've also learnt a huge amount about vocal technique and now feel confident singing a wide variety of songs. I would recommend Peter's Sing From The Heart courses to anyone who wants to learn how to sing and perform, at any level from complete beginner upwards.

Having been to Peter and Ema's beautiful property near the Lac de Vassiviere I would also recommend a visit for the location alone. It is a wonderful part of France with a huge amount to offer.

Ruth, UK


I miss singing with you...never forget one of my last lessons with you, where, finally I clicked with your advice to 'use your own voice' - I literally had tears of joy as I hit the sweet spot on the notes. Thankyou Pete, a fond memory I often recall.

Mark, UK


Always a fun and nurturing environment for any ability.

Tamsin, UK


"Thank you for seven lovely days of serenity and sun. Just what I needed."

Jennie, UK


Lovely location and great teachers, very much recommended ! Plus I got to meet Eric le chien for a fuss!

Tracy, France


"Well, I've been waiting to come to De Tout Coeur Limousin for two years. The wait was well worth it! I have loved every minute. Thank you for making me feel so at home in your lovely house. Thank you for such great singing teaching Peter, and for doing the duet with me. Thank you Ema for such delicious meals and thank you Eric for just being you."

Kate, UK


What a brilliant week we had on the singing holiday. We had group singing lessons every day for about 2 hours, and had the rest of the day to do our own thing. We also had some individual singing lessons, which were fitted in during the week. What was lovely was that we ended up sitting in the garden and singing more songs - sharing with each other songs that we knew. Apparently the neighbours were talking about us in the local butchers shop (in a good way!!). It was great for me to learn a French song from another French guest, and I was able to teach her a Scottish folk song that I really love. I really appreciated the opportunity to make new friends this way, and we have already made promises to visit each other and maybe even arrange a choir exchange visit! One of the other guests has already set up her own singing group back home, inspired by the holiday. Such is the power of singing not only to make you feel good, but also to empower you to spread the joy to others!!

The singing course is open to all abilities and I think that whatever your starting point, you can take a lot from it. I have sung in various choirs all my adult life, and have had one or two singing lessons before, but never been taught properly about how to support my voice with proper breath control. Even though I know the theory of it, and have had choir leaders mention 'using the diaphragm', or give the odd exercise using a '/s/ sound, these never seemed to teach me how to relate this to my voice and how to use this to control the volume and tone of my voice. So, for the first time ever, I have learnt how to begin to do this with the exercises Peter taught us. I'm still practising this skill, with Peter's exercise CD that he gave us to take home. It's early days but I'm already hearing a difference in the quality of my voice, for example, the volume and more consistent pitching.

It's a lot to do with confidence. I was recently in a choir where the leader was very critical and shouted at us a lot. That experience does nothing for your confidence, but even so, I have never been able to sing a solo before, or even been very sure whether I could hold my part on my own in a two or three part harmony. I've always tended to rely on others in the choir. This singing week was a lot to do with facing those kinds of fears, and it was lovely to sing in small groups and learn that I can do it!! There was no pressure to perform solo if you didn't want to, but I really wanted to see what I could do and this was a very safe environment to do it in. The performance night was nerve wracking but the audience were so enthusiastic warm and friendly, it was incredibly helpful and confidence boosting!

All of this was achieved in a relaxed and happy environment. Peter's teaching was very good: in the group he could notice if you were doing the exercises right or not and give individual feedback in a helpful way. The choice of music was mainly pop music, but you could choose any genre to sing in your small groups and solos, so we also sang some African music and traditional French songs. But if you want to sing serious highbrow stuff, it's probably not for you.

We stayed with Ema and Peter in their home and ate delicious meals together (produced as if by magic by Ema, who also joined us in the singing classes). The other guests were great fun and we laughed a lot! (Laughing is also good exercise for the diaphragm, I think!).

Thank you both for a great holiday!

Liz and Jeff, UK


The setting is breathtaking and the food was delightful.

Adam, UK


We had a wonderful short break at De Tout Coeur Limousin. The house is just how you imagine a rustic rural French house should be and the surrounding countryside is absolutely stunning. Pete took us on two guided rides, the roads are quiet and well maintained so instead of looking at pot holes we could admire the beautiful views. We enjoyed doing the route of the Tour de France time trial around the lake, albeit a bit more slowly than the pro's! We were treated to Ema's marvellous cooking and local cheeses and wine. Tres tres tres bien, we will be certainly be back.

Claire & Tim, UK


It was a faubulous week in a very rustic beautiful setting. Great week, thanks very much for a very enjoyable time and we hope to enjoy singing with you both again soon. Thoroughly recommended.

Pamela, UK